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Northwestern Mutual is one of the largest real estate investors in the nation with investments in commercial mortgages and equity investments across all major property types, including apartments, office, retail and industrial. The $30 - $35 billion real estate investment portfolio is comprised of 85% fixed income and 15% equity investments.

Northwestern Mutual is a financing source that provides experienced and knowledgeable people, quick and decisive action, and flexible, creative solutions. Origination, underwriting and service are enhanced by having real estate professionals in eight regional offices familiar with local markets, borrowers and investors.

The company provides responsive, experienced, in-house professionals in the areas of environmental, architecture, engineering, insurance, legal services, property tax and federal taxation. Investable funds are discretionary, allowing for flexible, creative solutions. Mortgage lending is concentrated on loans greater than $15 million to over $200 million for large portfolio deals secured by general purpose income property.

Northwestern Mutual seeks opportunities to invest in real estate equities directly through acquisitions, fee developments, joint venture development, and pre-purchases.





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Annual Investment Report provides additional information on our company's portfolio.

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